Welcome to Grace Acupuncture Clinic!
Welcome to Grace Acupuncture Clinic!

Let me briefly explain about our clinic's services, policy, and general acupuncture treatment protocol:

  • Services

    We provide professional services in acupuncture, Gua-Sha, Tui-Na, cupping, auriculotherapy, and herbs.
  • Attire for Acupuncture Patients

    Try to wear loose, comfortable clothes. If you are wearing clothes that prevent access to the body area that need to be treated, our clinic will provide gown, sheet, or towels.
  • Parking

    We have a visitor parking space available in front of Entrance B that is on the right side of the building. If the visitor parking spot was taken by others, please park in anywhere on the open spaces.
  • Cancellation Policy

    We request a minimum of 24-hour notice when you need to cancel or change of your appointment. If you missed without 24-hour notice or rescheduled with less than 24-hour notice, you will be responsible for the full charge of the office visit. We are highly recommending you to keep your appointment with on time. If you are running late with any circumstances, please call us at 281-671-7487, we may reschedule your appointment if we cannot serve you.
  • Payment

    All the payment required to pay at the time of services. We accept cash, check, all major credit cards (VISA, Master, Discover, or American Express). Returned checks will charge a service fee.
  • Needles & Facilities

    We only use sterilized and disposable needles and follow CNT (Clean Needle Technique,
    http://www.ccaom.org/) protocols.

Following is very general before/after sequences of acupuncture treatment:

What should you have to prepare before coming acupuncture clinic?

- Please allow yourself about 1.5 hours of your first visit and 1 hour for follow-up visit.

- Please eat before you coming to clinic. You don’t have to eat heavy meal, but should not have acupuncture when you are hungry.

What to expect on your first visit: Easy 1-2-3 Steps

 Step 1: Consultation (25-45 minutes)

First, we ask you to fill in a chart. Usually it takes 10 to 15 minutes, so if you want to save this time, please fill in this form at home and bring it to clinic. After finishing paper work, you will be escorted into a treatment room. The acupuncturist will ask you many questions which are highly related with your body conditions. Acupuncturist will evaluate you through taking both hands’ pulse, looking at your tongue, palpating specific points, or checking your range of motion.

 Step 2: Treatment (20-35 minutes)

Second, the acupuncture treatment procedure is less painful, natural, and safe way for healing. It consists of the insertion of needles through the skin at specific points on the body surface (small amounts of electrical current may be applied to the needles in case of electro-acupuncture). There may be some sensation, such as heaviness, numbness, warmth, tingling, electrical, which should not be associated with pain, and is normal reaction from acupuncture treatment. Acupuncturist will use other treatment modalities such as cupping, bleeding, or moxibustion.

 Step 3: Finalization (5~10 minutes)

Third, all the needles will be immediately disposed in sharps container after finishing treatment. Acupuncturist will ask about your feeling after treatment and he will give you some recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment.

What is next step after your first visit?

- Please avoid taking bath or showering right after an acupuncture treatment.

- Please do not exercise vigorously or exposure to extreme hot or cold temperature after the treatment.

- After the acupuncture treatment, lots of people will feel very relaxed, energized, and refreshed. From now on, try to remember how you feel in physically, mentally, or emotionally until the next appointment. When you come back, please inform your practitioner of any changes in negatively or positively.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the clinic.

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