Welcome to Grace Acupuncture Clinic!
Welcome to Grace Acupuncture Clinic!

Sang Eun Kim, L. Ac.(Texas), Dipl. O. M. (NCCAOM), MAOM (ACAOM)

I, Sang Eun Kim, am a native of South Korea. Of all the Asian countries, acupuncture and Oriental medicine is very popular in my homeland and is practiced with high standards of quality. While a computer science Ph. D. student at Texas A&M University, I struggled with how I could best help other people who suffered from illness and how I could most effectively improve their longevity. Consequently, I shifted to the field of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. In 2006, I moved to Houston to complete my Master's at the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM).
After four years of intense training, I graduated January, 2010. During my study I had lots of interests in following areas: - Anxiety & Stress Management - Dermatology - Digestive Health - Internal Organ Issues - Neurological Disorders - Pain Management - Preventive Medicine - Reproductive Health - Women & Pediatric Health, etc.
I practice two different locations. One is at 1525 Lakeville Dr. Suite 205, Kingwood, TX 77339 and the other one is at 955 Dairy Ashford Rd Suite 120 Houston, TX 77079. So if you want to make an appointment, please call me at 281-671-7487.

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Kingwood Office: 1525 LakevilleDr. Suite 205, Kingwood, TX 77339

West Houston Office: 955 Dairy Ashford Rd. Suite #120, Houston, TX 77079

Tel: 281-671-7487 Email: info@graceacupunctureclinic.com