Welcome to Grace Acupuncture Clinic!
Welcome to Grace Acupuncture Clinic!

Stay fit and healthy with Balance

We’d like to introduce the full range of services offered by us and invite you to browse our website.

We hope you enjoy finding out more about our office and hope to meet you soon. We can not only help to cure your health problems, but can also help you to prevent new health issues and to increase your fitness.

This is the world of Oriental healing!

We, Grace Acupuncture Clinic, are happy to serve you and thank for choosing our clinic as your health partner to improve your quality of life. We do our best in every way possible to assure that you receive the best quality of care in a natural way. As you know, acupuncture has very long history as one of the medical treatment modality in ancient asian countries(such as China, Korea, Japan, India, etc.) with over the three thousands years ago. It still highly preferred medical services in those countries.


Losing Money, Losing A Little;

Losing Honor, Losing A Lot;

Losing Health, Losing Everything;

Losing Faith, Losing Everything Forever!


To make an appointment, Call me at (281)-671-7487

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